Congratulations on becoming a member of! The writing job market is booming right now and you are perfectly positioned to take advantage of it. This members area contains everything you need to get started with writing jobs. Below is a quick start guide to help get you on the right track ASAP

Step 1 – Go Through The Training Modules

This members area contains all of the training you could possibly need to kick-start your career with writing jobs online. The training program was previously broken down into 4 separate days, with members getting access to a new content each day, however some members wanted to get access to everything right away so we have now changed these ‘Days’ into training modules and you get access to everything right from the start. If some of the training videos still reference ‘Day 1’ and ‘In tomorrow’s training’, you know why.

We still recommend that you follow the training modules in order. Modules 1, 2 and 3 cover all of the basics about writing jobs online and give you an overview of what you will be doing. Once you finish the first three modules you can progress on to the fourth module which contains all of the advanced training. This section has all of the nitty gritty details and step by step instructions so that you always know what to do in every situation you may face with writing jobs online!

Step 2 – Create Your Online Resume

When you are selling your services to potential clients and positioning yourself as the best candidate for their writing jobs, the single thing that will give you the greatest advantage is having a great online portfolio and resume that you can refer your potential clients to look at.

This is where you can show them just how fantastic you are, what your services are and how they will help their business, and as you start to get more clients you can build a great portfolio of past projects to really show off your talents!

Step 3 – Start Finding Jobs

There are many, many different ways that you can find writing jobs online. From finding jobs posted on freelance marketplaces, to approaching businesses on Facebook and Twitter and pitching your services to local businesses in your area, there is never a shortage of ways to find work writing work.

We have put together a great resource that gives you step by step instructions, strategies and tips to make sure that you always know where your next job is coming from.

Step 4 – Check Out Your Free Bonuses!

As a member of you also get access to a number of other great products for free. These are primarily ebooks and video courses that will help you make even more money online. We only include products of the highest quality, and we update them regularly so make sure you keep checking back.

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